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Monument of Reclamation


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tlepshmetal Epic album.
Blackened/Death metal but with a very unique approach. There is a sense of ancient Levantine/Mesopotamia in the cacophony of blast beasts and aggressive riffs, This combination is very rare especially to this calibre.
A must have for Nile fans. Also for death and black metal fans,
\m/ Favorite track: Ardor of the Destroyer.
sirenwave thumbnail
sirenwave Relentless display of Metal mastery; Brutal riffing, original and uncompromising composition, masterful production, and haunting melodies and lyrics.
Favorite track: Storming the Designs of Yam.
Rami Haikal
Rami Haikal thumbnail
Rami Haikal Oh man! this album is a beast!! Solid Brutal riffing, haunting vocals and unique composition. Hard to pick a favourite track. My second favourite is: Reanimation Urn Favorite track: Drink Not the Water of the Gods.
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I speak of the one, the cherished son of Belet-ili. Mother to the seven who are great. Who in her womb had cradled Enlil’s seed. I speak of the son, the revered one. Champion of the primordial rage. And I speak of another. Who has by grace been abandoned. And by misery and owe he’s been embraced. Anzum, guardian of Ekur; eager to posses the tablet of destinies. Foundation of fate and future. In wait he lies for when his claws embrace its baked clay. “Ellilûtam itekim nadû parshû, abum mâlikshunu shuharrur Ellil” [translation from Akkadian: He took away the Ellil-power – abandoned were the rites. Their father, their counsellor – Ellil was paralyzed] Ninurta; warrior, son of Ellil; who in Duraki is to become the word, who slew the bull man inside of the sea, who the flames he with his heart dominates, And all the malice he with his mind eradicates, Ninurta, warrior! Destroyer of the Gallû-demons, conqueror of Ushum; challenger of the soaring Anzum; … …he who stands grand among his kin, great among the eagles of the lion head, Ningirsu, bolt of the hunt, Anzum, keeper of the temple. Destroyer of the Bison-beast, challenger of Anzum; Who is born of the wide earth and Apsu. Anzum, primordial champion of the temple, who’s name shakes the foundations of the world. Yet the scribes have written of your downfall, and for that our hearts bleed. Ninurta, summon the seven winds; shake the mountains where he lurks; fill with terror his essence; heed the word of Sharur; pierce him with arrow and throw-stick. Scatter his feathers, and let the winds bring them as a sign of victory. And your name shall be made great in the four corners of the world.
King Hadadezer, King Irhuleni, King Ahab Land of Kur Guaa, Land of Kur Muusra, Land of Irqanata, Land of Usannata, King Matinu Baal, King Adunu Baal King Ba’asa, King Gindibu The echoes of war from Qarqar Three thousand years on, still haunt my soul The sands of Qarqar Drunk on the pleasure of blood The twelve Kings of the Martu Their men like the raging bulls charge Chariots of war like thunder clashing Raging storms and cries of war Not by the breath of Baal are they molded But by formations of men Ignited by the dreadful rage Driven by the voice of Anat Tall as mythic pillars Ignited by a rage, so dreadful Qarqar; Ar’o hoye, hat śahyutho l’dmi [translation from Syriac-Aramaic: Qarqar; a land alive, screaming for blood] Eleven kings and one, and one Summoned at hand Under the banners of Aram A savage spectacle of the generous kind Oh, the joy of Mot will shake the earth this day Mot will not be depraved, of his carrion in slumber this day Now, Shulmanu-Asharedu, the one great king of Ashur I assert to you by my name Bar-Hadad Which immortal you have made on the stone of Kurkh That on the lips of your children of the years to come Fate has placed my tongue And as destiny would have it, in centuries will be become as one
-- Baal Cycle Trilogy, Pt.1 -- To the rot of the earth may the vigorous one plunge Yea, with the spores of dust let dwell the oppressor I ask you, vigilant cloud-rider Behold the form of the judge (Yam), your adversary He had but spoken, and his lips the words formed From under the throne of the judge. The wise and skillful (KwK) in emboldenment proclaims; I tell you Baal, vehement destroyer I announce to you, behold your adversary That is your enemy and you shall smite him That is your foe and you shall dispatch him And kingship shall be yours And kingship shall be yours eternally And you shall be the sovereign for all generations to come Kotharu-wa-Khasisu (KwK) moulded a mace and proclaimed its name; You, your name shall be Yagrushu; And you will dethrone the lord of oceans (Yam); You will drive out Naharu from his salt water dominion "Tirtaqisu beedi Ba’li, kama annashri bi usba’aatihu" [translation from Ugaritic: next lyrical phrase] In the fist of Baal you will whirl, and be driven from his fingers like a hawk With you the shoulder of Yam will be broken Smite Yammu on the shoulder With you the breast of Yam will be battered Strike Naharu on the chest Yet Yammu is strong and he crumbles not! His joints falter not, and his face changes not! And so proclaimed is another mace You, your name shall be Ayamiru; And you will overthrow Yammu; Drive out Naharu from his domains In the fist of Baalu Hadad; Yam you have undone Beware though the schemes of Mot Prince of the wastelands of the dead For his blade of envy, oh sharpened it has been for your back And thrust with it you will be, for it has been written
(Baal Cycle, Tablet 5 column 2) One lip to the earth, one lip to the heavens; His tongue to the stars. Baal must enter inside him [Mot] In his domain, in the swamp The barren wastelands; The pit, his royal house; Filth, the land of his inheritance (Baal Cycle, Tablet 5 Column 5) I will put him into a great pit in the earth As for you take your clouds, Your wind, your bolts, your rain Take with you your seven lads Your eight noble attendants Take with you Pidray, maid of light; Tallay, maid of rain Then head to mount Kankaniya; Raise the mountain with your hands; The hill on top of your palms; Go down to the isolation ward of the underworld You will be counted among those who go down into the earth And the gods will know that you have died Obey, Baal! -- Track lyrics are marginally adjusted and edited excerpts from table 5; columns 2 & 5 of The Baal Cycle, English translation, from the book "Stories from Ancient Canaan, edited and translated by Michael D. Coogan & Mark S. Smith"
-- Baal Cycle Trilogy, Pt.3 -- I weep for Baal my brother My tears like wine I drink I bid the sun to lift him to me Mot, has taken him from me Vengeance for Litan he had Just as Baal had crushed the fleeting serpent Destroyer - your flesh he will devour So that you may in his house forever be lost in disarray So that the heavens may wither and weaken On Death, I will bring retribution His wastelands I will erase Just as I had finished off the raging sea Just as we had subdued the seven-headed beast Just as I had demolished desire, divine calf, the rebel And as I had put down fire, the bitch Zebub Vengeance, for the conqueror Vengeance, for the prince of the people Vengeance, for the son of Dagon Vengeance, for the king at Zaphon And so forth rode Anat from mountain to sea Yet, on black hearts and deaf ears her plight had fallen Only by the slaughter of Mot will she bring her brother (Baal) back from the rotten belly of the dead Kill Mot, kill Death, kill the rot, kill Death Mot she torched with fire, Death she ground with millstones The rot in the fields she sowed, for the vultures left; his flesh And “Flesh cried out to flesh”
Thoughtfulness, the force of his tongue As the word of Anu, his voice commands On the waters of the Purattu (on Kar-usakar) he embarks Adapa, he drifts aimlessly, and in anger, and in defiance he calls; Curse the South Wind… Your wings I shall break. Your brothers whom you command against me, I shall break. No sooner than his utterance was flung, (for seven earth rounds) The south wind did not blow onto the land, (for seven earth rounds) And Anu on his throne, like whirlwind he was enraged First of the sages, teachers of man, of the sons of Shem The embodiment of the word of Anu; his speech on this earth The architect of the open earth He who feeds the bolt of Eridu He who with pure hands sets up the table of offerings. First of the Apkallu, the mages, givers of the knowledge. The ancient seer was to stand before Anu And judgement of the gods was to be given Ea gave broad understanding (to Adapa) And gave him wisdom, not eternal life Ea has made broad understanding perfect in Adapa * To him he gave wisdom, but not eternal life The Antediluvian was to stand before Anu And he the sea had shaken For he the wind had chained Adapa - Drink not the water of the gods Adapa - Take not the food of the gods
And the utterance of Ea was heard by the gods Let bear the womb mother offspring And let them carry the gods' burdens On the moon's first, seventh, and fifteenth By washing I shall purify (Ea proclaimed) Then slaughter will we Kingu, the rebel, who intelligence has. And the gods should be submerged and all be cleansed Let Nintu mix the clay with his flesh and blood And a mould of god and man will the clay bestow. And let the Etemmu ghost posses the form Let the womb mother assert it as the breath of life Let the ghost be animate lest the slain god we forget And the gods in accordance saw that it was done The drumbeat pounding from his heart let us hear (forever) "an dãr”.
Adamant to reach the summit Through my wanderings I have found this place in my memory A colossal formation of sentient design A mammoth of building mastery At its crown, inscribed with this disk of the sun A solitary entrance standing tall At its opening, only a flickering luminescence I observe A portal, I theorise as I enter… For aeons; injustice, over this ancient land Archaic majesty, wisdom, honor … All defiled by a wanting hand of evil… depravity But the tide is turning, and the philosopher in me is silent no more Against this tide I will rage war A war of the non-dormant mind Rekindling the ancient flames A war for the sake of the minds that have been estranged Vengeance… Callous And as I wake up I realize, it is all but a memory A vision by my subconscious wrath sent to me A calling by the splendid primordial cosmic entities Who in their hearts are aching and in their forms are trembling Who the Anunnaki in their essence they wearily carry And who’s in their enigma resides the coastal trinity Vengeance calling me Let on this monument be inscribed the rites of reclamation And as it is through the forceful bows of Ashur And as it is through the noble spears of Hadad May these words upon thee descend as flaming tongues of fire


released May 10, 2021

Muhannad Bursheh:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Baglama Saz, Keys & Synths, Percussion, Drums, Programming, Sound FX

All music and lyrics by Muhannad Bursheh.
Except lyrics for "Hosted by Mot" (see track for details).

Produced by Muhannad Bursheh.
Recorded at Horned Helmet Studio, Amman-Jordan,
during spring - summer 2020.

Engineered, mixed & mastered at Horned Helmet Studio by Muhannad Bursheh.

Artwork by Fendie Daywalker (Fendie Art)
Artwork concepts and direction, booklet and layout design by Muhannad Bursheh

Bouq official logo by Christophe Szpajdel


all rights reserved



BOUQ Amman, Jordan

One-man epic blackened death metal band by Muhannad Bursheh (Abohotho, Tyrant Throne, Augury).
Bouq is one of the oldest still running metal projects from Jordan; est. 2001.


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